Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Welcome Welcome Welcome

Good morning(12 AM). Do you know what day it is? ITS HUMP DAYYYY! After a long awaited to start to it all, I have arrived here. Right here! My very first post of what I hope to be a successful and joyous photography endeavor. With loads of help from my parter in crime (the wife)....we are here now! *diddy dances across living room*

The name I have chosen is 'First and Last Choice Fotographs'. Why? because in such an over saturated field my aim is just as the name says! To be the FIRST and/or LAST choice that you think about when considering a photographer for your wedding, engagement, senior year, family session, newborn session, graduation party, family reunion, etc!

My first post is actually appropriate. This past weekend my lens was on the family who is responsible for my family even being in FL. They offered up there home and welcomed us to come and see what Florida was about. Upon arriving we figured out fairly quickly that we were in no rush to leave. I love the humid days, no snow and the rather wet hurricane season! So big thank you goes out to my wife for loving Fl and wanting to return and a big thank you to Scottie and Giada for opening up your home over 2 years ago to my family. The photos will tell it all but this family was full of life and excitement. I loved every bit of this session. Enjoy and welcome to my page::

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