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Originally from Dover, DE born and raised'. Moved to FL 2 years ago, 2012, in hopes of a change from the norm and per the convincing of my wife...after all- women do know best! I must say, I do not regret the move one bit! In fact It was here that I picked up on my interest in capturing individuals through the lens of my canon. There's just something about the naturalness, the excitement, the genuine looks and the satisfaction of a subject during a session and also upon receiving their pics. I LOVE IT ALL! Although new to the business end of photography, everything inside me tells me that this is the JUST the beginning and it will keep growing. The excitement and energy that I carry along with my camera is something that I will always provide for my subjects, young and old seasoned ;-) 'First and last choice fo-to-graphs' is a company that prides itself on quality and lives for the stories told behind the lens. These moments are lasting...precious...and the choice ...well the choice is yours...I hope that you make it your first and/or ,ultimately, your last choice! ;-) Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns on anything. I will be prompt in my response. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!

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