Q: How does all of this work?
A: It’s simple! First, contact me about your date, and we will set up a time for an initial consultation to discuss options for a SUCCESSFUL and exciting session! If it is a regular session that we have arranged, the deposit will be required a week before session. Once we decide on all the details for you, I will send a contract and an invoice for your deposit! Thirty days prior to your wedding day, we will get together for coffee or lunch and finalize your timeline, discuss preferences, pay the remaining balance, and chat about anything and everything! I’m here for you! It’s that easy. If timing is a factor, communication is vital. Help me to ensure everything requested from you is met with mutual elation!!!
Q: I see that you offer high resolution photos in your packages. Does this mean I can print photos anywhere? What are high resolution photos, anyway?
A: High resolution photos are definitely what you want from any session! Unlike low resolution photos that can be enlarged on a computer screen but won’t print bigger than a wallet size without looking fuzzy, high resolution files are ideal for all of your printing needs. With high res photos, you can order canvases and prints up to an 11×14 with ease! For larger canvas options, we will gladly help you order your desired size!
Q: Would it be an issue if family members took photos at the wedding and reception?
A: Of course not! Let family members know they can take all the photos they’d like! Please just remind them that you hired a professional to capture your big day, and that they are there to share the moment, and we are there to capture it!
Q: We have a break in between our ceremony and our reception. Will this count against us in any way?
A: It absolutely will not count against you in any way. In fact, this time can be used for a wedding party session at a 3rd location (if time permits), we can take this time to get those fun shots with the wedding party that everyone loves. After those shots i will ask for the wedding party to head to the cocktail hour with the rest of the invites in order for the newly weds to take a few shots as husband and wife. The love is FRESH and EXCITING and those are some of the best moments to capture. Highly recommened ;-)
Q: We definitely want to book you! What’s the next step?
A: NOW THAT'S WHAT I LIKE TO HEAR!!!! lol. We are so excited to work with you! To officially book us, you will need to sign our contract and pay a non-refundable booking fee of 35% of your package to reserve your date. As soon as those two things are completed, we are all YOURS on your big day!
Q: It might take us a couple of months to get the booking fee saved up. Can you pencil us in?
A: Unfortunately, no. The only way to reserve your date with us is to sign a contract and pay the booking fee. We can cross our fingers and hope no one else books us on that date, though
Q: Can we make monthly payments?
A: Definitely! Let us know at the time of booking that you would prefer a monthly payment plan, and we’d be more than happy to set that up for you!
Q: When is our remaining balance due?
A: Your remaining balance is due promptly thirty days before your wedding date. A reminder email will be sent to you a month before your balance is due.
Q: Can we make our final payment after the wedding?
A: No. Your package must be paid thirty days before your wedding. Once you are paid in full, our final consultation will be scheduled to talk details!
Q: Can we pay with a credit or debit card?
A: Certainly! We accept all major credit and debit cards.
Q: We’ve noticed that some photography businesses have multiple photographers that they send out to jobs. We definitely want to make sure we are comfortable with our photographer before the big day arrives. Who will be shooting our wedding?
A: This is a great question! Your wedding day will be captured by myself
Q: We love all the detail photos and the prep photos, and we definitely want that for our big day! Should we do anything special to achieve those photos?
A: We LOVE detail and prep shots! The detail and prep photos are some of the most exciting photos to take. So much goes on during that time, the nerves are all over the place, the jokes are abundant and everyone prepping for the event in their best makes for the best shots. If possible, get ready in a space with a lot of natural light, even next to a big window if you can!
Q: What should we wear on our session?
A: Wear what you are comfortable in! Of course i would suggest that like colors are best. Not totally matching but similar colors are always a great compliment for the companions. For the fellows, a button up or polo tends to look best in these instances. For the ladies, a long flowing dress would work nicely, or depending on the location, something mildly sexy that highlights your femininity and helps remind that handsome man of yours just how beautiful you are! :-)
Q: Do you have a studio?
A: The world is my studio! No amount of studio lighting can replicate the natural light of the sun beaming down and glowing off of the faces of my subject! Its absolutely incredible, ive always loved the natural light (we meet at on spot location)
Q: We love our home and our backyard. Can we do our photos there?
A: Of course we can! Where ever you feel is best for your family is definitely a plus for us. It will make the session THAT much better



Q: What time of day will our session take place?
A: Portrait sessions typically take place near sunrise or near sunset to ensure the best lighting possible for your photos. If we need to make an exception, we can. However we highly recommend either morning or evening sessions!
Q: What about hair and makeup? Suggestions?
A: Ladies, even if you aren’t a big makeup wearer, I would suggest wearing at least some neutral color on your eyes as well as mascara and a soft lip color. Makeup shows less in images than in person, and it’s better to have a little color than to have your face appear washed out. Wear your hair the way you’re comfortable! I will say that wearing it down looks best in photos, because ponytails can sometimes create a bald effect.
Q: What happens if it rains?
A: We will happily reschedule your session to another mutually agreeable date. We wouldn’t be opposed to playing in the rain, though! Just food for thought.
Q: What happens if there are complications or accidents on site with our small children?
A: I have a two year old so i totally understand how that works and if you need to take a breather and gather your family to make sure everyone is okay during the session, i have no issues with that. I encourage it. After all, how can you have an exciting and fun shoot when you are under a bit of stress. We are PRO STRESS FREE SESSIONS!! :-)

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